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Travel with a purpose

  • Posted by Lattitude Australia at 12:01 pm on January 10,2015
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Country: Canada Role: Outdoor Activities Instructor

Eye-opener: Louise Biggs spent eight months away working with children and says it's helped her in her ocupational therapy studies

The Weekend West Jobfinder, January 10-11, 2015

Many students on gap years are volunteering abroad, to gain experience
Connie Clarke

Thousands of WA school leavers will ponder their long-term futures in the next three weeks as the State’s universities start their offers processes on January 16.

Figures from the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre from the past four years show about 84 per cent will go straight to tertiary study and another 16 per cent will defer.

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Beata Skokowska, Country Manager Poland

  • Posted by Lattitude Australia at 04:01 pm on January 08,2015
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Beata with a new group of volunteers on orientation in Poland

What’s your background, and how did you end up at Lattitude?
I was born and grew up in Szczecin, North West of Poland situated almost on the border with Germany.  After obtaining a master degree in sociology, I moved to Warsaw where I worked for a few large international companies as the Training Manager but I didn’t feel fulfilled in these roles.

I joined Lattitude (called GAP back then) in 2006 and became Program Manager and was thrown in at the deep end as my predecessor and Poland’s local representative left the project as I joined. Despite these obstacles, I knew from the beginning that I’d finally found the occupation that I really love.

Now I am the Country Manager responsible for the overall management of our program in Poland.  I am also an animal lover and a few years ago became a pet psychologist.

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From India to PNG, inspired volunteering

  • Posted by Lattitude Australia at 12:12 pm on December 12,2014
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Country: India Role: Teacher

Michelle in PNG with students celebrating the Clean Generation Campaign

Michelle Bourke volunteered as an English Teacher in India with Lattitude for five months in 2012, which inspired a passion for international development.  Unable to sit still, Michelle is now volunteering overseas again in Papua New Guinea and sent us a wonderful update about her experiences.

A school friend recently commented on a photo of me on Facebook: “What are you up to now, you crazy kid?” Well, first it was India, now I’ve packed up and left Australia for six months to volunteer in Papua New Guinea.

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Amazing year at camp in Cananda

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Country: Canada Role: Outdoor Activities Instructor

This whole idea of coming to a different country started off as a dream! I’ve always loved to travel and wondered what else there is to do around the world. It took me a few weeks to find the best place to be that would allow me to develop my skills and also as a person.

This year I’ve experienced life as a Winnipegger at a Camp Douglas!

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Bridie speaks to the ABC about China

  • Posted by Lattitude Australia at 10:12 am on December 01,2014
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Country: China Role: Teacher

Great to see former Lattitude volunteer Bridie Allen talking to Del Irani from ABC News 24 about her gap year teaching placement in China!

Forever grateful for Fiji

  • Posted by Lattitude Australia at 01:11 pm on November 27,2014
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Country: Fiji Role: Community Worker

“Miss Shakira, Miss Shakira! Are we doing the cup song today? Do we have Remedial English lessons today?” Hearing these enthused and excited little voices each and every day reminds me of blessed I am to be spending every day with them. Each day I wake up and I have to remind myself that I am living in FIJI?! Two months into my placement, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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The Warm Heart of Africa

  • Posted by Lattitude Australia at 02:11 pm on November 17,2014
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Country: Malawi Role: Teacher

What a crazy 3 weeks it’s been,
With many different sights seen.
15 volunteers – Canadian, Brits and Aussies,
All come together whilst avoiding the mossies.

Four great days of orientation at Camp Mabuya,
And ending the fun with a big hoorah.
We went our separate ways,
All in a bit of a haze.

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My rewarding placement in Fiji

  • Posted by Lattitude Australia at 02:11 pm on November 13,2014
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Country: Fiji Role: Teacher

I am halfway through my placement in Fiji at a small rural school, although I have only been here for a short amount of time I have become a lot more appreciative of how fortunate I am back home in Australia, and have begun to better understand the cultural differences and norms within Fiji.

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English teaching tricks in Poland

  • Posted by Lattitude Australia at 03:11 pm on November 07,2014
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Country: Poland Role: Teacher

Tim Bennett volunteered as an English Teacher in west Poland with Lattitude and feels that it’s one of the best periods of his life so far.  He was initially nervous but used his initiative to find creative solutions that worked!  Through his supported placement he was able to immerse within another country and culture and gain clarity about what he is truly passionate about.

First impressions of Fiji

  • Posted by Lattitude Australia at 08:10 am on October 28,2014
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Country: Fiji Role: Community Worker

When my plane started its descent into Fiji it absolutely took my breath away. I fell in love instantly. I saw the huge coral reefs turn into beaches which then transformed into mountains, forests and volcanoes. The landscape was filled with so many different colours: reds, oranges, greens, yellows and browns. Fiji’s beauty brought tears to my eyes. As soon as I saw this land that I would be calling home I knew that all of the hard work and sacrifice would be worth it.

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