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Vanuatu, happiest place on earth

  • Posted by Lattitude Australia at 11:09 am on September 16,2014
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Country: Vanuatu Role: Teacher

A yellow fishing boat bounces through the turquoise and shark infested Pacific Ocean along the coast of Pentecost Island, Vanuatu. The tiny speck of land, only a dot on the map rises impressively out of the waves into a cloud of mist. The exotic jungle on top of it will be my home. The people on the boat with me will be my family. The adventure in my heart will be my life blood for the next six months.

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Camp update and European travels

  • Posted by Lattitude Australia at 10:09 am on September 09,2014
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Country: UK Role: Outdoor Activities Instructor

Going on an exhilarating Segway ride through Rome

I have now been at my placement at Tolmers Activity Centre for just over three months and have comfortably settled in and am really feeling at home.  I have made many friends and many memories already on my trip. I have done things that were completely new experiences for me and I’m not even half way through my stay here at Tolmers.

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From Gap Year to Career – Ali’s Story

  • Posted by Lattitude Australia at 09:09 am on September 01,2014
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Country: China Role: Teacher

When I was 17 and just finishing high school, I knew that I didn’t want to go straight to university. The HSC was stressful enough and I knew that I needed to go out and see the world and contribute to it before I committed to three further years of study. But I knew that I didn’t want to do the same gap year that everyone else was doing – it just didn’t seem like a big enough of a challenge to me.

Ali and her class in China

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African home for Nanneella resident

  • Posted by Lattitude Australia at 10:08 am on August 25,2014
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Country: Malawi Role: Community Worker

Nanneella's Ayla Pearson

Campaspe News, 19 August 2014

African home for Nanneella resident
Graham Willis

When Ayla Pearson heard about the chance to work in an African village for four months, she grasped the chance with both hands.

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Goodbye and thanks Vietnam!

  • Posted by Lattitude Australia at 03:08 pm on August 20,2014
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Country: Vietnam Role: Teacher

Darcy teaching students in her class

The last two months of my placement became one of the greatest, most wonderful challenges of my life! My partner Laura left for Australia in May, and from there I was riding solo as I decided to extend my placement.

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Seven life-changing months in Fiji

  • Posted by Lattitude Australia at 10:08 am on August 14,2014
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Country: Fiji Role: Teacher

Mardi Grivas was eager to see what lay ahead with her volunteering placement in Fiji with Lattitude, but she didn’t anticipate it to have such an impact on her.

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Lattitude fashion class in China

  • Posted by Lattitude Australia at 12:08 pm on August 11,2014

Country: China Role: Teacher

Lattitude volunteers Alison and Maddy liven up Class 5 English in China with a fashion parade and interactive approach to practising grammar!

Claire Leong – Program Development Manager (Asia)

  • Posted by Lattitude Australia at 02:08 pm on August 07,2014
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Claire (L) in Yiyilli Community near Fitzroy Crossing, WA

What’s your background, and how did you end up at Lattitude?
I was what is now referred to as a ‘3rd Culture Kid’. I lived all over the world, in different countries of Africa, Europe and Australia and learnt the skills of interculturality by moving between cultures. I didn’t know what to say if anyone asked me, ‘Where do you come from?’ It was no surprise that I ended up working in languages and cultures education in WA supporting schools to develop CQ (Cultural Intelligence) and Asia Literacy in students.

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Claudia’s school trip to France

  • Posted by Lattitude Australia at 11:08 am on August 06,2014
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Country: UK Role: Schools Assistant

The Year 7s feeling French

On Sunday morning we all had an early start, meeting in the dining room at 5:45am ready for our journey to France.  From Portsmouth, we caught a six-hour ferry to Caen which was surprisingly really fun with a cinema and silent disco on board!

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Camp stories from Canada

  • Posted by Lattitude Australia at 11:08 am on August 05,2014
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Country: Canada Role: Outdoor Activities Instructor

Lattitude volunteers Madeline, Fraser and James share some of their placement experiences at outdoor camps in Canada.  They are all so pleased they made the choice to take a gap year in Canada and would encourage anyone else to do the same!